Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do I qualify?
Answer: If you reside in Alameda County and are low income, elderly, homeless or have medical needs which limit your financial ability to afford food, you are eligible to receive grocery assistance twice a month.

Question: Do I need to verify my name and address?
Answer: Yes. Please bring a California Driver’s License or a document (which includes mail) listing your name and address. Your information is private and will not be shared with other agencies.

Question: Can more than 1 family member at an address sign up for food assistance?
Answer: 1 member would be the primary user and the other members can be alternate users. A family is described as all people who live within a household. A family may be only one person if that is the amount in your household.

Question: What is a client-choice food pantry?

Answer: We provide an indoor shopping experience for clients to choose their food selections. Food may be selected from those offered, with limits on quantity available per family. Please contact the Alameda County Community Food Bank for other locations if you are interested to receive food assistance through a drive-through distribution or to have food delivered to your home. They can be reached at 510-635-3663.

Question: What type of food is offered?
Answer: It varies depending upon donated items. We provide shelf-stable foods and fresh
seasonal produce (fruits and vegetables). Some additional items that may be available are breads, shelf-stable milk, meat, eggs, baking items and snacks.

Question: Do I need to come early to get the best selection?

Answer: No. We do not put everything out at the beginning of our distribution and reserve limited foods for the later part of our distribution. This reduces the need to line up prior to opening. Additionally, our daily deliveries are not processed for distribution prior to opening and these items are not available until later in the morning.

Question: Do you provide pet food, soap, detergent, shampoos, deodorant, toothpaste, or toilet paper?
Answer: Occasionally when donated, but we do not stock or purchase these items due to limited space.

Question: Is San Lorenzo Family Help Center a federal program? Answer: No. We are a private nonprofit set up to provide food assistance to reduce hunger within our community. We are supported by local residents, churches and businesses.