Question: Do I qualify?
Answer: Anyone in Alameda County who has financial need may receive food assistance twice a month.

Question: Do I need to verify my name and address?
Answer: Yes, please bring a California Driver’s License or a document (which includes mail) listing your name and address. Your information will remain private and will not be shared with other organizations.

Question: Can more than 1 family member sign up for food assistance?
Answer: 1 member would be the primary user and the other members can be alternate users. A family is defined as all people who live within one household.

Question: What type of food is offered?
Answer: It varies depending upon donated items. We provide shelf-stable foods and fresh
seasonal produce (fruits and vegetables). Some additional items that may be offered include breads, shelf-stable milk, meat, eggs, baking items and snacks.

Question: Do you provide pet food?
Answer: Generally not.

Question: Do you provide soap, detergent, shampoos, deodorant, toothpaste, or toilet paper?

Answer: Generally not.

Question: Are you a federal agency? Answer: No. We are a private organization set up to offer emergency assistance and are funded by the local community residents, churches and businesses.